Premium Food-Grade Silicone Sealing Gasket: Clear, Biocompatible, and Durable Rubber Ring Washer

Item Description


Materials Silicone
Molding Compression Molded/Injection Molded
Advantages Oil Resistant/High Temperature Resistant
Color Black, White, Green, Blue
Types EPDM Gasket Sheet/ Washers/O Rings/Seals
Electric Insulation Yes
Production Standard ISO9001: 2008
Package PE Bags, Carton Boxes

Product Description:

Our Rubber Sealing Gaskets, including LSR, Rubber Washers, and Molded Ring Seals, are crafted from top-tier rubber materials through precision techniques such as compression molding, die cutting, LSR injection molding, rubber transfer molding, and rubber injection molding. These gaskets find applications in electronic, medical, automotive, pipeline, and various machinery products.


EPDM Gasket: Exceptional Properties for Versatile Use


– Ozone-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, and Weather-Resistant:Ideal for long-term operation under temperatures up to 150ºC, ensuring reliable performance in a range of environments.


– Wide Temperature Range:EPDM sealing gaskets are effective in temperatures ranging from -55ºC to 150ºC, making them suitable for diverse applications.


– Applications: Commonly used in heat-resistant rubber hoses, transport belts, radiator hoses, spark plug sheaths, and more.


– Uperheated Water Resistance: Exhibits excellent resistance to overheated water, making it a preferred choice in various industries.

– Electrical Property and Elasticity:Possesses good electrical properties and elasticity, enhancing its functionality in different settings.


– Adhesion:Offers reliable adhesion, ensuring secure sealing in various applications.


EPDM Sealing Gaskets serve as ideal thermal insulation materials in applications such as automobiles, marine equipment, household appliances, electronic devices, medical equipment, fitness devices, and air-conditioning pipes. Our commitment to quality ensures durable and efficient solutions for your sealing needs.

Why Choose Us:

– Expertise in High-Precision Mold Processing

– Complimentary Design Support

– Stringent Quality Control Measures

– Delivering Superior Quality