Avant-Garde POS Silicone Precision Touch Keyboard Terminal

Avant-Garde POS Silicone Precision Touch Keyboard Terminal

Item Description

Avant-Garde POS Silicone Precision Touch Keyboard Terminal by Thesun Industry:


Conductive Technology:

Incorporating leading-edge conductive technologies, the P+R keys ensure responsive and reliable performance, meeting the demands of Point of Sale (POS) applications.

Customization Options:

Tailor-made to meet specific requirements, our keyboard terminals offer flexibility in design, allowing for seamless integration into various POS systems.

Robust Construction:

Engineered with durability in mind, the keyboard terminals are built to withstand heavy usage, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.



Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray

Size: Customized

Material: Food-Grade Silicone Rubber

Coating: Matte Oil, PU, Epoxy, Color Oil

Pattern: English Edition

Printing: Silkscreen Printing

Quality: 100% Tested

Certification: ISO9001, IATF16949



Avant-Garde POS Silicone Precision Touch Keyboard Terminal finds applications in a myriad of industries, particularly in Point of Sale systems, providing a user-friendly interface for efficient and accurate transactions. It not only meets industry standards but exceeds expectations in performance, durability, and customization.


Our Competitive Edge

Versatility Across Industries:

Silicone rubber keypads stand out as exceptional components suitable for diverse industries, spanning from industrial machinery to cutting-edge medical devices. Whether applied in keystroke keyboards or silicone rubber buttons, our keypads guarantee durability and consistent performance, meeting the demands of a wide array of sectors.


Precision Customization:

Experience seamless customization with our meticulously crafted keypads, precisely designed to cater to unique specifications. This tailor-made approach ensures a flawless fit for various applications, facilitating effortless integration into a multitude of devices.


Unrivaled Endurance:

In contrast to conventional keyboards, our OEM silicone rubber keypads boast unparalleled durability, enduring over one million cycles. This makes them the ideal choice for applications demanding prolonged and reliable usage, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


Robust Surface Finishes:

Opt for matte or glossy finishes that epitomize resilience in challenging environments. The enduring quality of these finishes renders our keypads perfect for deployment in industrial and commercial settings where durability is paramount.


Certified Quality:

Our commitment to excellence is reinforced by certifications from esteemed organizations such as ROHS and ISO9001. These certifications underscore our dedication to upholding rigorous quality standards, ensuring reliability, and prioritizing safety in all our keypad offerings.