Customized Silicone Live Broadcast Keypad Buttons

Customized Silicone Live Broadcast Keypad Buttons

Item Description

Customized Silicone Live Broadcast Keypad Buttons


Multi-Layered Protection:

Coated with options like Matte Oil, PU, Epoxy, and Color Oil, our keypads boast Antiwear, Water-proof, Oil-proof, and Odor-free features, guaranteeing longevity in various environments.


Vibrant Customization:

Available in a spectrum of Pantone colors, these keypads offer a personalized touch, while the option for Screen Printing allows for intricate details to enhance visibility and aesthetics.


Versatile Hardness Options:

With a hardness range from Shore A 30° to 80°, our keypads cater to diverse preferences, providing the perfect tactile feedback for your specific needs.


Precision Molded for Perfection:

Utilizing Compression Molding, our keypads are precisely molded according to your specifications, ensuring consistency and durability.


Certified Quality:

Backed by ISO9001-2015, IATF16949, and ROHS certifications, our keypads adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and compliance.


Endless Applications:

Ideal for Electronics, Medical Equipment, Remote Control, Fitness Equipment, and Industrial Equipment, our Silicone Live Broadcast Keypad Buttons are versatile and ready to meet your diverse application needs.



Material: Food Grade Silicone

Color: Pantone

Printing: Screen Printing

Hardness: Shore A 30°~80°

Size: As per your drawings

Molded Way: Compression Molding 

Features: Antiwear, Water-proof, Oil-proof, Odor-free, Non-toxic, Soft, Lightweight

Coating: Matte Oil, PU, Epoxy, Color OilConductive Way: Carbon Pills, Conductive Ink Printing, Metal Domes, Metal Pills

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949, ROHS

OEM/ODM: Available

Application: Electronics, Medical Equipment, Remote Control, Fitness Equipment, Industrial Equipment


Our Service

Expert Team: Entrust your projects to our devoted team of adept engineers and industry specialists who offer profound insights across various sectors. Rest assured, our silicone keypads stand out, surpassing a myriad of industry standards.


Tailored Solutions: We specialize in personalized manufacturing, delivering tailored solutions for automotive, medical devices, and beyond. Precision is our forte, precisely aligning with industry requirements through versatile silicone keypads.


Cutting-Edge Facilities: Our state-of-the-art facilities boast advanced machinery, including precision molding capabilities. This ensures the production of top-tier silicone keypads that consistently meet and exceed rigorous quality standards.


Global Logistics: Rely on our robust transportation network for secure and swift global shipments. Our commitment is to provide a seamless supply chain experience for clients worldwide, ensuring your products reach their destination promptly and securely.


Uncompromising Excellence: Forge a partnership with us and experience an unwavering dedication to excellence. With our extensive experience, your silicone keypads are guaranteed to consistently surpass the loftiest industry standards.