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Customized Excellence: OEM Logo Printing Silicone Keypad for Tailored Solutions in TV Remote Controllers

Item Description

Customized Excellence: OEM Logo Printing Silicone Keypad for Tailored Solutions in TV Remote Controllers


Experience excellence with our meticulously crafted silicone rubber keypads and keyboards. Utilizing elastomeric, translucent silicone rubber materials and employing advanced compression molding techniques, we produce switch components that are both reliable and stable – essential for a diverse range of electronic products.Whether destined for remote control units, medical devices, wireless communication equipment, telephones, safes, electronic calculators, or any electronic device requiring superior keypads, our silicone solutions stand out.We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our wear-resistant silicone buttons are engineered for enduring performance, ensuring longevity in every use.


Equipped with cutting-edge silk screen carving equipment, we offer customizable designs that align seamlessly with your branding. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our silicone keypads provide a smooth and comfortable user experience.Crafted from premium silicone rubber, our keypads boast excellent conductivity, making them suitable for high-precision devices such as fitness equipment, exercise machines, and POS machines.Rest easy knowing our silicone keypads are certified to meet the highest industry standards, including REACH, RoHS, and Ksa certifications, ensuring both safety and environmental compliance. Elevate your electronic devices with the precision and reliability of our silicone rubber keypads.




Material Silicone, Rubber
Size Standard Size or customed;
Color Black,white,red,green,transparent or other color
Operating Temperature -30°C/font>C ~ 150°C/font>C
Storage Temperature -42°C/font>C ~ 175°C/font>C
Hardness 40-50A
Special features waterproof,UV/chemical resistance
Logo Debossed/embossed/priniting is weclome
Mode of Production Compression Moulding, Screen Printing, Laser Etching, Conductive Pill, Cutting;





Medical Equipment Industry:

Our silicone rubber keypads are vital components in medical devices, ensuring precise control and reliability, thus meeting the high standards of the healthcare sector.


Electronic Field:

In the electronics realm, our silicone keypads deliver essential tactile responsiveness, making them ideal for remote controls, electronic gadgets, and advanced control units.


Industrial Machine & Equipment:

Powering industrial machinery, our silicone rubber keypads offer robust performance, resilience to harsh conditions, and consistent tactile feedback.


Household Appliance:

Integrated into household devices, our silicone keypads enhance user experience by providing durable and user-friendly controls in appliances like ovens, washing machines, and smart home systems.



In the telecommunication sector, our silicone rubber keypads contribute to efficient communication in devices such as mobile phones, landline devices, and communication infrastructure.



Within the automotive industry, our silicone keypads play a crucial role in various controls, offering durability, resistance to temperature variations, and reliable tactile feedback for optimal performance.