Silicone Machine Menu Flat Rubber Button Keypad Keyboard

Silicone Machine Menu Flat Rubber Button Keypad Keyboard

Item Description

Silicone Machine Menu Flat Rubber Button Keypad Keyboard

Silicone Machine Menu Flat Rubber Button Keypad Keyboard is a versatile and durable solution. Employing compression molding, it ensures consistent quality and performance, complemented by surface protection through PU coating, matte smooth coating, and epoxy coating. Customization is at your fingertips with the option of silk printing or laser etching for clear and lasting labeling, maintaining a professional appearance. Engineered for exceptional performance, this keypad boasts aging resistance, cold and heat resistance, chemical stability, and waterproof properties, making it adaptable to diverse environmental conditions. Holding certifications for ROHS, ISO9001-2015, and IATF16949, our keypad adheres to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing certified quality. Embrace tailored solutions with available OEM/ODM services and free samples, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique specifications. Elevate your user experience with a keypad that seamlessly combines precision, durability, and versatility.



Material: silicone rubber

Color: transparent or any colors

Size: customized size

Tolerance: based on customer’s requirement

Printing: silk printing, laser etching

Molded Way: compression molding 

Surface Protective: PU coating, matte smooth coating, epoxy coating

Performance: aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability, waterproof, eco-friendly, durable

Certificate: ROHS, ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

OEM/ODM: available

Samples: free available samples

Packing: plastic bag & carton or customized packing

Logo: silk printing, laser etching

Application: Telecommunication Equipment


Surface Protective

Our keypads incorporate advanced surface protective measures to ensure durability and optimal performance:


  1. PU Coating (Polyurethane):This protective coating excels in resisting abrasion and wear, enhancing surface durability. It provides a smooth, tactile feel, offering comfort while preventing damage from daily use.


  1. Matte Smooth Coating:Beyond adding an elegant touch, the matte smooth coating eliminates unwanted reflections for clear visibility, even in bright environments. This coating not only ensures a comfortable grip but also prevents fingerprints, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the keypads.


  1. Epoxy Coating:The epoxy coating creates a robust and transparent protective layer, safeguarding the keycaps from moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress. This coating significantly enhances the resilience of the keypads, making them well-suited for challenging environments where durability is paramount.


These meticulously applied surface protective measures not only preserve the appearance of the keypads but also maintain their tactile response and functionality. With PU coating, matte smooth coating, and epoxy coating, our Silicone Machine Menu Flat Rubber Button Keypad Keyboard stands the test of time, ensuring a seamless and reliable user interface for your diverse applications.