Exceptional Silicone Electronic Access Control Keyboard: Unmatched User Satisfaction

Exceptional Silicone Electronic Access Control Keyboard: Unmatched User Satisfaction

Item Description

Exceptional Silicone Electronic Access Control Keyboard: Unmatched User Satisfaction


Performance: aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability, waterproof, eco-friendly, durable

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

OEM/ODM: available

Samples: free available samples

Packing: PE bag & carton, customized packing

Logo: customized (silkscreen logo, embossed or debossed logo)

Application: industrial, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, household, etc

Material: silicone rubber

Color: transparent or any colors

Hardness:shore A 30°~80°

Size: customized size

Tolerance: based on customer’s requirement

Legends: screen printing or laser etching & engraving

Molded Way: compression molded

Conductive Way: carbon pills, conductive ink printing, metal domes, metal pills

Surface Protective: pu coating, matte smooth coating, epoxy coatingExceptional Silicone Electronic Access Control Keyboard: Unmatched User Satisfaction


Silicone Electronic Access Control Keyboard is renowned for its outstanding features. This keyboard offers unmatched toughness and elasticity, ensuring it remains undistorted even under external pressures. Its smooth texture provides users with a delightful tactile experience, prioritizing health and safety as it is non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the human body. The keyboard excels in wear resistance, retaining its pristine appearance regardless of external factors, ensuring both longevity and aesthetic appeal. Designed with a fully sealed construction, this keyboard is waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistant, fire-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, making it adaptable to the harshest environments. Its easy cleaning and disinfection capabilities further enhance its quality. With superior functionality and durability, our Silicone Electronic Access Control Keyboard guarantees user satisfaction. Experience exceptional performance in access control with our reliable and user-friendly keyboard.

Our Distinctive Advantages

  • Expert Precision Molding: With a rich history in precision molding technology since 2008, our team of five dedicated designers and engineers offers comprehensive solutions to clients. We leverage advanced tools like high-precision CNC, mirror electric spark, slow linear cutting, precision grinder, and milling machine for meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality products.
  • Quality Materials, Reliable Production: Our mature production techniques and carefully chosen raw materials form the backbone of our superior product quality, ensuring reliability and longevity in every product we deliver.
  • Purification Excellence: Operating within a 10,000-level purification plant, we uphold the highest standards, including food-grade and medical-grade certifications. Our silicone products prioritize safety and purity.
  • Swift Prototyping: Our rapid response mechanism enables quick sample production and submission, facilitating efficient decision-making and project progression for our clients.
  • Original Production Methods: Utilizing innovative production methods, our products stand out in the market, offering exceptional quality, functionality, and durability that make them highly competitive.
  • Authorized Export Services: Our import and export company is officially sanctioned by the state, allowing us to export products directly. This streamlines international transactions and ensures compliance with regulations.
  • Certified Excellence: Holding ISO9001 and IATF16949 international certifications, our company adheres to the highest industry standards. This underscores our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction, providing our clients with the assurance of our exceptional services.