Laser backlit

Top-Performing Translucent Backlit Keypad Glowing In Night For Unmatched Durability

Item Description

Product Overview:

Exceptional Silicone Rubber Keypads: Precision-Crafted from Elastomeric Translucent Silicone Rubber Materials Using Compression Molding

Discover the pinnacle of reliability and stability with our silicone rubber keypads, meticulously designed for a myriad of electronic applications. Ideal for remote control units, medical devices, wireless communication equipment, telephones, safe boxes, electronic calculators, and more, our keypads ensure flawless and dependable switching components.


Key Features:

– Crafted with precision through compression molding for superior quality.

– Utilizes elastomeric translucent silicone rubber materials for durability.

– Tailored for a wide range of electronic applications, guaranteeing versatility.

– Provides reliable and stable switching components for enhanced performance.

Choose innovation, choose excellence – elevate your electronic devices with our professional-grade Silicone Rubber Keypads.


Color Custom
Materials Silicone Rubber
Environmental Friendly Raw Material Pass RoHS, SGS Test
Size Custom
Design Type Can Be Customized
Hardness 20-95 Shore A
Transportation Package Poly Bag, Carton Boxes
Origin of Place Xiamen, China


Our Advantages:

  • Precision Mold-making Technology (Since 1998)
  • Skilled Technical Personnel and Workforce
  • Comprehensive Services: Mold Tool Making, Silicone Rubber Compression Production, Plastic Injection Production, Liquid Silicone Injection Production, Printing, and Assembly.
  • In-Depth Industry Knowledge and Leadership in:
  1. Electronic Industry (Precision Silicone Rubber Smart Cellphone Parts, Rubber Keypad, 3M Adhesive Tape+Silicone Rubber, etc.)
  2. Medical Industry (Silicone/Liquid silicone rubber mask/valve/gasket, etc.)
  3. Sanitary Industry (Silicone Shower Head Nozzles)
  • Established and Reliable: Continuous improvement of production technology and utilization of certified premium materials.