Radiant Touch Light-Permeable Silicone Rubber Keyboard

Radiant Touch Light-Permeable Silicone Rubber Keyboard

Item Description

Radiant Touch Light-Permeable Silicone Rubber Keyboard

Unlock a new realm of possibilities with our Radiant Touch Light-Permeable Silicone Rubber Keyboard, meticulously crafted to redefine user experiences. Screen printing technology ensures crystal-clear and enduring labeling, enhancing functionality. Employs state-of-the-art membrane keypad switch technology, ensuring seamless and responsive interactions. Experience the future of user interfaces with the Experience the future of user interfaces with the Radium Vulture Light-Penetrating Silicone Rubber Keyboard, where precision meets innovation.



Shape & Size: According to your 3D drawings

Hardness: Shore A 30 to 80

Type: Membrane Keypad Switch

Surface Protective: PU Coating, Matte Smooth Coating, Epoxy Coating

Printing: Screen Printing

Processing Options: Printed, Debossed Or Embossed, Laser Cutting

OEM/ODM: Available

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949



  • Telecommunications: Handheld communication devices, telephone systems, and two-way radios.
  • Medical Devices: Patient monitoring equipment, medical diagnostic devices, and laboratory instruments.
  • Computers: Computer keyboards, laptops, notebooks, and computer peripherals.
  • Industrial Equipment: Control panels, industrial machinery, and manufacturing equipment.
  • Consumer Electronics: Remote controls, home entertainment systems, and audiovisual equipment.
  • Automotive: In-car entertainment systems, dashboard controls, and vehicle diagnostics.
  • Gaming Devices: Game controllers, gaming keyboards, and arcade machines.