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OEM Plastic ABS Electronics Enclosures and Housings

Item Description

OEM Plastic ABS Electronics Enclosures and Housings

As a reputable manufacturer specializing in electronic and industrial enclosures, we provide comprehensive solutions for various applications. Our enclosures are fully equipped, offering the flexibility to include hardware, fasteners, brackets, hinges, and accessories. Benefit from customization options with in-house finishes such as powder coating, direct digital printing, grained finish, and permanent marking. Whether you require prototypes, unique designs, or high-volume manufacturing runs, we accommodate all orders through our blanket order program, with no minimum requirements.

We provide a wide range of enclosures :

  • Plastic enclosure
  • Handheld enclosure
  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Diecast aluminium box
  • Stainless steel box
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure
  • Junction box
  • 19″rack mount enclosure, etc…

We also provide customization services, such as CNC machining, Laser cutting, Inkjet printing, and Overlay sheet manufacturing, among others.

Our enclosures are used in various industries and fields, namely as an IoT network enclosure, Sensor enclosure, Embedded PC case, Instrument enclosure,
Industrial control box, Junction box, Distribution box, Audio amplifier chassis, and so on.

Possible Enclosure Modifications

  • Custom finishes, paint colors, or silk screening
  • Custom drilled or tapped holes or cutouts
  • Special packaging
  • Pre-installed accessories
  • Custom hinges
  • Custom handles
  • Custom size
  • Offering unique shapes & sizes at low tooling cost
  • Offering EMI/RFI shielding on plastics