Thermal Conductivity Sleeve-4

Thermal Conductivity Silicone Rubber Sleeve Electrically Insulated

Item Description

Thermal Insulation Silicone cap, generally refers to TO-220/TO-3P packaging silicone caps, that is the set of shaped product with silicone as substrate through a special production process. Due to its characteristic of high thermal conductivity, insulation, shockproof and convenient assembly, etc., are widely used in heat transistor, diode, triode. When you use, you can directly installed on the heating pipe. Thermal conductive silicone rubber cap is recommended for low pressure.


  • Heat transistor, diode, triode
  • Switching power supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply equipment
  • Power amplification device for thermal insulation
  • Utomobile electronic equipment cooling
  • Cooling fin and the heat diffusion film
  • Other application need to heat or insulation


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