Metal Dome Enhanced Silicone Keypads: Eco-Friendly Precision and Durability

Metal Dome Enhanced Silicone Keypads: Eco-Friendly Precision and Durability

Item Description


Metal Dome Enhanced Silicone Keypads, with metal dome technology, offer comfort, precision, and responsive feedback with every press. They are 100% eco-friendly and designed for durability with a waterproof membrane on the back for longevity and resistance to moisture. Our keypads are ISO9001:2015 certified for guaranteed reliability and feature innovative printing techniques for a functional and appealing design. They can seamlessly integrate into phones and other electronic devices. They have a non-stick surface that prevents debris accumulation, which ensures low maintenance. Our Premium Metal Domes Silicone Keypads are versatile and can be used in various applications. Upgrade your devices now with our reliable keypads that offer the perfect combination of form and function, making them ideal for different industries.


Manufacturing Process


  • Vulcanization Molding:  We use advanced technology to inject eco-friendly silicone material into molds. After undergoing high-temperature vulcanization, the material forms strong and durable silicone keypads.


  • Injection: Precision is paramount as metal domes are meticulously embedded into the silicone keypads using injection technology, ensuring exceptional conductivity for each key.


  • Punching: We use precise punching techniques to shape the silicone keypads and ensure that every key has a consistent appearance and dimensions.


  • Spraying: The keypads’ outer surface goes through a careful spraying process to produce a high-quality finish and a protective layer that makes them durable and resistant to damage.


  • Silk Printing: Utilizing advanced silk printing technology, we accurately imprint logos, patterns, and essential information onto the silicone keypads. This ensures clear visibility and maintains long-lasting quality.


  • Laser Etching: Laser etching technology achieves fine engraving of patterns and text, providing personalized customization options for a distinctive touch.


  • Assembling: Post the aforementioned processes, keypad components undergo precise assembly to guarantee a perfect fit and exceptional performance.


  • Adhesive Backing: Finally, we apply adhesive backing to every keypad, making it easy to install and ensuring a strong attachment to the surface of the device.




  • Telecommunications, Computers: Reliable input solutions for communication devices and computers, ensuring seamless interaction.


  • Medical Devices, Laboratory Instruments: Precision-driven keypads aid healthcare professionals and researchers in sensitive applications.


  • Industrial Equipment, Robotics: Robust input solutions for controlling machinery and intelligent robotic systems in industrial settings.


  • Consumer Electronics, Gaming Devices: Enhance user experience in entertainment devices, including remote controls and gaming consoles.


  • Point of Sale (POS) Machines: Reliable performance in POS devices, streamlining transactions in retail and service industries.


  • Automotive Industry: Integrated into control panels, providing tactile feedback and durability for car interiors, enhancing the driving experience.


These keypads are essential in many applications because they provide durability, responsiveness, and efficiency. They are valuable in every sector.