Advanced Conductive Remote Control Silicone Rubber Buttons

Hot Selling Laser Etching Remote Control Conductive Button

Item Description

Hot Selling Laser Etching Remote Control Conductive Button

Our company specializes in Laser Etching Remote Control Conductive Buttons, offering customizable colors and coatings, including matte smooth coating. Our buttons guarantee 100% quality assurance, meeting SGS standards.

Tailored to various sizes, they find applications across multiple fields. Logo printing options extend beyond Laser Etching, there has silk screen printing and inkjet printing . Based in coastal Xiamen, we ensure experienced, prompt customer service and quality assurance, with efficient problem-solving and a commitment to excellence.


Place Of Origin Xiamen China
OEM/ODM Available
Packaging Customized
Advantage Remote Control And Durability
Protective Coating Epoxy Resin/PU

The Advantages of Our Laser Etching Keypad

  1. Durability: The engraved markings are highly durable, resistant to wear and fading over extended periods of use.
  2. Customization: This method allows for intricate and customizable designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the keypads.
  3. Consistency: Laser etching ensures consistent and uniform markings across all keypads in a production run.
  4. High-Speed Processing: The laser etching process is efficient, enabling high-speed production without compromising quality.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for various materials, including metals and plastics, providing flexibility in keypad design.
  6. Contactless Operation: Laser etching is a non-contact process, minimizing physical stress on the keypad surface.
  7. Reduced Environmental Impact: This method generates minimal waste, contributing to a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

What Should You Provided If You Need To Get The Quotation

  • Design Requirements:Supply design drawings or detailed specifications for the Conductive Buttons, including dimensions, shapes, and any specific requirements.


  • Material Selection:Specify the material for the Conductive Buttons, such as silicone, polyurethane, etc. Different materials have significant cost variations.


  • Coating Requirements:If special coatings are needed, such as silicone, polyurethane, or other types, relevant specifications and requirements should be provided.


  • Quantity:Indicate the quantity of Conductive Buttons the customer wishes to purchase, as batch sizes often impact unit prices.


  • Delivery Location:Provide the delivery destination for the products, as transportation and logistics costs may vary by location.


  • Delivery Time:If there are urgent delivery requirements, customers should specify the expected delivery time to ensure production planning and logistics arrangements.


  • Additional Requirements:If there are other specific requests, such as custom logos, special packaging, or printing requirements, detailed specifications need to be provided.