Silicone Cake -2

3D Waffle Silicone Cake Mold Simple Convenient Food Grade Material

Item Description

3D Waffle Silicone Cake Mold Simple Convenient Food Grade Material


  • Tear Resistance
  • Color: Custom
  • Excellent Flexibility 
  • Non-Toxic
  • Food Safe Rubber
  • Reusable

Food Safe Silicone Rubber is purposefully engineered to ensure safety and protection, devoid of any hazardous materials, making it non-toxic. It boasts excellent abrasion and ozone resistance, making it well-suited for diverse applications. With a temperature range spanning from -60°C to +200°C, this silicone rubber is FDA-approved for use in materials that come into contact with food. It is an ideal choice for various food-related applications, including kitchen utensils and food-grade cookware, offering superior protection and safety for applications requiring reliability and security.

Our factory provides a one-stop 3D Waffle Silicone Cake Mold production service. This means that we offer comprehensive support to customers throughout the entire production process to ensure their needs are met. Here are the highlights of the services we provide:

  1. Design and Customization: We have an experienced design team capable of creating customized 3D Waffle Silicone Cake Mold designs based on customer requirements. Whether you need specific shapes, sizes, or patterns, we can accommodate your requests.
  2. Material Selection: We use high-quality silicone materials to ensure product safety, durability, and compliance with food-grade standards. Customers can choose from different silicone materials as needed.
  3. Production and Manufacturing: We have advanced production equipment and processes that allow us to efficiently manufacture 3D Waffle Silicone Cake Molds. Our manufacturing process is carefully designed to ensure consistent product quality.
  4. Quality Control: During production, we strictly adhere to quality control standards to ensure that each mold meets customer requirements. We conduct quality testing to verify product performance and reliability.
  5. Packaging and Delivery: We offer a variety of packaging options to ensure that products are protected from damage during transportation. We also provide flexible delivery options to meet customer schedules.
  6. After-Sales Service: We not only provide manufacturing services but also offer after-sales support. If customers encounter any issues during product usage, we are dedicated to providing assistance and solutions.

Whether you require bulk production of 3D Waffle Silicone Cake Molds or custom-designed molds, our one-stop production service will meet your needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality silicone molds to meet various purposes and market demands.



  • Cake Baking
  • Baking Brownies and Bars
  • Chocolates and Candy
  • Jellies and Gummies
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Mousse and Puddings
  • Candle and Soap Making
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Fondant and Icing Decorations
  • Kids’ Play and Educational Activities