variours types of shower head nozzle

Modern Style LSR Mold Silicone Shower Nozzle for Bathroom Faucet

Item Description

The silicone shower head, a shower accessory available in various shapes (round, square) and configurations (single nozzle), is also referred to as silicone replacement spray nozzles, rainfall showerheads, bathroom faucet gaskets, and rain shower head replacement rubber nozzles. The LSR Mold Silicone Seal for the shower head is a modern, clog-resistant accessory designed for bathroom faucet applications. Minimal maintenance is required, with easy removal of limescale deposits through regular cleaning.

The Production process Of Shower Nozzle:

  1. Design and Prototyping:

   – Begin with the design phase, creating detailed specifications for the silicone shower nozzle. Prototyping may follow to test functionality and design.


  1. Material Selection:

   – Choose high-quality silicone material suitable for the shower nozzle’s intended use. Silicone is preferred for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to water and temperature variations.


    3.Mold Fabrication:

   – Develop a mold for the silicone shower nozzle using precision techniques, often utilizing Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) molding for intricate shapes and details.


  1. Injection Molding:

   – Inject the selected silicone material into the mold, ensuring it fills all cavities accurately. This process is crucial for achieving the desired shape and features.


  1. Curing:

   – Allow the injected silicone to cure and solidify within the mold. The curing process may involve exposure to heat or UV light, depending on the silicone type.


  1. Demolding:

   – Remove the cured silicone shower nozzle from the mold carefully, ensuring the preservation of its shape and details.


  1. Quality Inspection:

   – Conduct thorough quality checks to verify the dimensions, surface finish, and overall quality of the silicone shower nozzle. Any defects are addressed at this stage.


  1. Assembly (if applicable):

   – If the silicone shower nozzle consists of multiple parts or components, assemble them to create the final product.


  1. Cleaning and Finishing:

   – Clean the silicone shower nozzle to remove any residue or impurities. Apply finishing touches to enhance aesthetics and functionality.


  1. Packaging:

    – Package the silicone shower nozzles for distribution, ensuring proper protection during transportation and storage.


Throughout each stage of the production process, adherence to quality standards and precise manufacturing techniques is crucial to ensure the silicone shower nozzles meet performance expectations and durability requirements.

Our Advantages:

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  1. Expert Team:

   – A team of five seasoned R&D engineers, skilled workers, and dedicated QC personnel ensures the production of high-quality products.


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  1. Environmentally Friendly Materials:

   – Our products are crafted from eco-friendly materials with ROHS, SGS, ISO FDA, and LFGB certifications, ensuring compliance with international standards.