Bracket 1

Stamped Stainless Connecting L-Shaped Brackets Connectors for Home Improvement

Item Description

Stamped Stainless Connecting L-Shaped Brackets Connectors for Home Improvement


Key Features:

Material: Premium stainless steel construction with a polished, durable, and rust-resistant surface

Dimensions: 40 x 40 mm bracket

Number of holes: 4 holes

Screw diameter: 4mm

Screw length: 16 mm 90° right angle

Wide range of applications:cabinets, chairs, such as repairing particle board,windows, wardrobes, furniture, etc.



Weight and Size:Customized





  • Electroplating: Thin metal coating applied through electrolysis, providing corrosion resistance and a polished finish.
  • Powder Coating: A dry powder is electrostatically applied and cured to create a protective and decorative finish.
  • Anodizing: Formation of an oxide layer on the surface, often on aluminum, to improve corrosion resistance and color durability.
  • Polishing: Mechanical process to create a smooth and reflective surface, enhancing aesthetics.
  • Galvanizing: Application of a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion, commonly used for outdoor applications.
  • Painting: Application of paint for both decorative purposes and protection against corrosion.


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