Silicone Rubber High-Quality Conductive Electronic Buttons

Silicone Rubber High-Quality Conductive Electronic Buttons

Item Description

Silicone Rubber High-Quality Conductive Electronic Buttons

Meet our Silicone Rubber High-Quality Conductive Electronic Buttons, designed to enhance your device control. With advanced technology, these buttons ensure reliable performance in various environments. Customize them to fit your design seamlessly, from shape to color. Our commitment to quality guarantees durability, making these buttons perfect for diverse devices like remote controls and industrial panels. Choose Silicone Rubber High-Quality Conductive Electronic Buttons for top-notch quality, advanced technology, and personalized design—adding significant value to your devices.



Material: Food Grade Silicone

Color: Pantone

Hardness: Shore A 30°~80°

Size: As per your drawings

Molded Way: Compression Molding 

Features: Antiwear, Water-proof, Oil-proof, Odor-free, Non-toxic, Soft, Lightweight

Processing Options: Can Be Printed, Debossed Or Embossed, Laser Cutting

Conductive Way: Carbon Pills, Conductive Ink Printing, Metal Domes, Metal Pills

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949, ROHS

OEM/ODM: Available

Application: Electronics, Medical Equipment, Remote Control, Fitness Equipment, Industrial Equipment


Our Service

  • Expert Team: Our dedicated team of skilled engineers and industry experts brings extensive insights across sectors, ensuring our silicone keypads surpass diverse industry standards.


  • Tailored Solutions: Specializing in customized manufacturing, we tailor solutions for automotive, medical devices, and more, precisely meeting industry needs with versatile silicone keypads.


  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Equipped with advanced machinery, including precision molding, our production facility guarantees top-tier silicone keypads that meet rigorous quality standards.


  • Global Logistics: Supported by a robust transportation network, we promise secure and swift global shipments, ensuring a seamless supply chain experience for clients worldwide.


  • Unwavering Excellence: Partner with us for an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our extensive experience ensures your silicone keypads consistently exceed the highest industry standards.