Hot Selling Customized Durable Plastic Injection Mold for Water Faucet Valves

Item Description

Hot Selling Customized Durable Plastic Injection Mold for Water Faucet Valves


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Basic Information:

Application Car, Household Appliances, Furniture, Commodity, Electronic, Home Use, Industrial
After-sales Service Available
Mould Type Plastic Injection Mold
Production Process Injection Molding
OEM&ODM Available
Mould Lead Time 4~7 Weeks
Design 3D or 2D
Transport Package Wooden Box
Sample Available
Color Custom
Specification customized
Production Capacity 500sets/Year
Origin Xiamen,China
Molding surface treatment Polishing
Mould Life 100 thousand~300 thousand times
Quality System ISO9001,SGS,TS16949
Fast mold design We can be within 1-3 working days after getting customer’s drawings.

Surface Treatment:


Plastic injection molds for water faucet valves may undergo various surface treatments to enhance their performance, durability, and appearance. The choice of surface treatment depends on the specific requirements of the application and the type of plastic used. Here are some common surface treatments for plastic injection molds:


  1. Polishing:

   – Purpose:Improves the mold’s surface finish and appearance.

   – Method:Mechanical polishing or chemical polishing processes.


  1. Texture or Grain Finish:

   – Purpose: Adds a specific texture or pattern to the molded part’s surface.

   – Method:Applied to the mold surface to transfer the texture to the plastic during molding.


  1. Nitriding:

   – Purpose:Increases surface hardness and wear resistance.

   – Method:Introducing nitrogen into the mold surface, forming a hard nitride layer.


  1. Chrome Plating:

   – Purpose:Enhances corrosion resistance and reduces friction.

   – Method:Electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto the mold surface.


  1. Teflon Coating:

   – Purpose:Reduces friction, improves release properties, and minimizes material buildup.

   – Method:Applying a thin layer of Teflon or similar non-stick coatings.


  1. EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Finish:**

   – Purpose:Achieves a smooth and precise surface finish.

   – Method:Uses electrical discharges to remove material and create a fine surface.


  1. Hard Chrome Plating:

   – Purpose:Provides a harder and more wear-resistant surface.

   – Method:Similar to chrome plating but with a thicker layer for increased durability.


  1. Powder Coating:

   – Purpose:Adds color and improves the appearance of the mold.

   – Method:Electrostatically applying dry powder to the mold surface and curing it with heat.