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Customized Silicone Shower Nozzles Injection Mold With High Quality

Item Description


The Silicone Shower Nozzles Injection Mold is a precision tool designed to manufacture silicone shower nozzles. Crafted with expertise, it facilitates the production of these nozzles, known for their clog-resistant design and easy maintenance. The mold is instrumental in creating eco-friendly shower accessories, made from silicone materials certified with ROHS, SGS, ISO FDA, LFGB standards. These nozzles enhance the shower experience, providing spa-like comfort and contributing to a stylish bathroom aesthetic. The mold’s efficiency, coupled with its ability to withstand various temperatures, ensures the production of durable and reliable silicone shower nozzles.

Key Features:

Shape Mold Injection Mould
Surface Finish Process Polishing,Sand Blasting,Painting,Anodizing,etc.
Application Household Appliances, Home Use
Specification Custom Made
Installation Fixed
Runner Hot/Cold Runner
After-sales Service 12 Months
Custom Service Manufacture on Demand
Advantage Fast Delivery, Accurate Matching
Origin Of Place Xiamen,China
Material A Variety of High Quality Materials: ABS, PC, PVC, TPU, PP, PE, PLA, PET, TPE, Silica Gel, Carbon Fiber, etc.
Drawing Format step, stp, igs, dwg, prt, pdf, stl (for 3D print),etc.


Surface Treatment:

  1. Polishing:

   – Achieving a smooth and refined surface finish through precision polishing, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the silicone shower nozzles.


  1. Texture Coating:

   – Application of texture coating for added grip and visual appeal, providing a tactile and stylish finish to the injection-molded surface.


  1. Mirror Finish:

   – Employing advanced techniques to achieve a mirror-like surface finish, ensuring a sleek and high-quality appearance for the shower nozzles.


  1. Sandblasting:

   – Utilizing sandblasting for a matte and textured surface, enhancing both visual and tactile qualities of the silicone shower nozzles.


  1. Matte Finish:

   – Implementing a matte finish to the mold surface, offering an understated and sophisticated appearance to the final injection-molded product.

Our Service:

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   – Rapid online quotations with easy file uploads and configuration for material, finishing, and lead time preferences.


  1. High Quality Assurance:

   – ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing for superior sheet metal quality, including material and dimensional inspection reports.


  1. Robust Manufacturing Capacity:

   – Chinese factories providing comprehensive sheet metal solutions, flexible materials, surface finishes, and extensive production capabilities.


  1. Engineering Support:

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  1. Material Flexibility:

   – Diverse material options for tailored project needs, accommodating various metals and synthetics.


  1. Timely Deliveries:

   – Efficient production processes and on-time delivery services to meet project deadlines for quality sheet metal components.