15-Key Custom Silicone Keyboard for Remote Control Precision

15-Key Custom Silicone Keyboard for Remote Control Precision

Item Description

15-Key Custom Silicone Keyboard for Remote Control Precision

15-Key Custom Silicone Keyboard is meticulously crafted for unparalleled precision in remote control applications. Tailor your device with a spectrum of customized colors and designs, providing a seamless integration into various products. Employing the compression molded technique, our keyboard guarantees durability and longevity in its performance. Featuring screen printing for clear and enduring labeling, our keyboard incorporates various conductive options such as Carbon Pill, Conductive Oil, Metal Dome, and Non-Conductive variants to cater to diverse preferences. For added protection and a smooth touch, choose from surface coatings like PU Coating, Matte Smooth Coating, or Epoxy Coating. The keyboard’s versatility extends to logo customization with options for Silk Printing and Laser Etching. Designed to meet the demands of a wide array of electronic devices, this Keyboard finds its application in cameras, calculators, mobile phones, telecommunication equipment, home appliances, and computer keyboards. With ISO9001-2015 and IATF16949 certifications, our commitment to quality is paramount.



Material: 100% Silicone

Hardness: shore A 30°~80°

Color: Customized

Design: Customerized Designs

Molded Way: Compression Molded

Printing: Screen Printing

Conductive: Carbon Pill, Conductive Oil, Metal Dome, Non-Conductive

Surface Protective: PU Coating, Matte Smooth Coating, Epoxy Coating

Logo type: Silk Printing, Laser etching

Application: Camera, Calculator, Mobile Phone, Telecommunication Equipment, Home Appliance, Computer Keyboard

OEM/ODM: Available

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

Packing: PE Bag & Carton or Customizable


Why Choose Us

  • Confidentiality: Your ideas and designs are treated with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring the protection of your intellectual property.


  • In-House Compound Formulating: We have a complete in-house facility for custom compound formulating and mixing, allowing us to tailor solutions to your specific needs.


  • Expertise in Design and Engineering: Our professional design and mold maker engineering teams provide comprehensive OEM/ODM services.


  • Diverse Manufacturing Capabilities: We offer a range of manufacturing techniques, including injection, injection transfer, compression, extrusion, and silicone liquid capabilities.


  • Advanced Production Line: Our auto rubber milling production line ensures precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process.


  • Quality Assurance: Rubber compounds undergo rigorous testing before production to guarantee consistent quality.