What is Precision Mould Injection Molding


Precision mould injection is a sophisticated process employed to shape resin material into a predetermined form within a metal mould. This intricate procedure involves several key steps.


To regulate mould temperature, cooling holes and heaters are strategically placed, allowing refrigerant to circulate. The molten material traverses the main and diversion channels before entering the mould cavity. After the cooling phase, the mould opens, and a specialized ejection device pushes out the formed product using an ejector rod. The product itself comprises the main channel, guiding molten resin inflow, the diversion channel directing resin into the mould cavity, and the final product.


The length of diversion channels is typically designed to be equal. Recycled materials may be used in the main and diversion channels but are not part of the final product. They are sometimes discarded or crushed for subsequent use as moulding materials, commonly referred to as recycled materials. Typically, recycled materials are blended with new materials for use due to alterations in resin characteristics post-moulding, affecting mechanical properties, flow, and color.


Precision injection moulding necessitates adherence to strict dimensional and positional tolerances, alongside specific surface roughness criteria. Fulfilling these demands relies on four fundamental factors: plastic materials, injection moulds, injection moulding processes, and injection moulding equipment. Optimal material selection for precision injection moulding involves prioritizing high-performance engineering plastics with stable dimensions, excellent creep resistance, and resistance to environmental stress cracking.


Applications of Precision Mould Injection


Rapid Mould Manufacturing:

Rapid mould manufacturing technology offers a quick and cost-effective solution for short production cycles, making it ideal for new product development, trial production, process verification, and small-batch production.


Rapid Precision Injection Mould Manufacturing Technology:

Tailored for precision, this technology ensures a short production cycle, simplicity, and a low-cost approach while meeting specific functional needs.


Precision Injection Moulding Technology:

Achieving precision demands careful consideration of mould size, tolerance, prevention measures for shrinkage errors, injection moulding and demoulding deformations, and overflow. The process requires the right engineering plastic materials, precision injection moulding equipment, and adherence to correct processes for optimal results.

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