Laser marking is a permanent and versatile process employing a beam of light to create enduring marks on various surfaces. Executed using fiber, pulsed, or continuous wave laser machines, this method finds applications ranging from keypad design to engraving. Compatible with an array of materials such as silicone, steel, titanium, aluminum, plastic, copper, ceramic, glass, and wood.

Our innovation, LaserEdge, is tailored for applications demanding backlighting. It facilitates precise and seamless marking of key tops without altering the underlying color or causing damage to the silicone material. The outcome is a highly durable marking process, ensuring superior quality, even for applications necessitating small font sizes and intricate graphics.

LaserEdge Advantages

  1. Economic Efficiency with LaserEdge:

   – Cost-effective solution for your production process.


  1. Swift Performance:

   – Accelerated marking process, ensuring fast results.


  1. Versatility in Application:

   – Adaptable to various manufacturing needs and materials.


  1. Integration with High-Volume Manufacturing:

   – Complementary to online high-volume production, optimizing efficiency.


  1. Streamlined Processes:

   – Reduces multistep procedures, simplifying workflows.


  1. Increased Productivity:

   – Enhances overall production output and efficiency.


  1. Elevated Product Aesthetics:

   – Improves the visual appeal of your product through precise marking.


  1. Maximizing Profitability:

   – Ensures maximum profit potential for your end product.


Why Choose LaserEdge?

Let’s explore the numerous advantages of our laser marking system. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also boasts durability and wear resistance, accommodating:


  • Medium- to High-Volume Manufacturing:


Well-suited for production at varying scales.


  • Shortened Lead Times:


Enables quicker turnaround in manufacturing processes.


  • On-the-Fly Graphic Changes:


Allows for instant adjustments to graphical elements.


  • Versatile Surface Marking:


Capable of marking on flat, curved, and irregular surfaces.

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