Liquid silicone gaskets play a crucial role in various applications due to their unique properties, distinguishing them from traditional latex-based seals commonly found in local appliance stores. While latex seals may encounter issues such as expansion, contraction, and sticking on hot radiators, liquid silicone offers a compelling alternative.


Liquid silicone, also referred to as liquid silicone rubber (LSR), is a synthetic material with rubber-like properties, characterized by thickness and durability. Unlike natural rubber, it maintains its form when exposed to heat, making it an ideal choice for applications involving elevated temperatures. The decision to use LSR as a gasket material, particularly in kitchen exhaust fans, stems from its exceptional sealing capabilities.


In the context of duct cleaning systems, where preventing the ingress of gases and odors is paramount, LSR gaskets prove indispensable. These gaskets effectively seal off systems from external elements, ensuring the efficient containment of airflows. One notable application is in the creation of gaskets to fill small cracks in pipes, rendering them virtually leak-proof. If ductwork experiences issues with leaks, replacing the entire system or employing a solid silicone sealant becomes a viable solution.


Liquid silicone gaskets find relevance in the manufacturing of air ducts and exhaust fans due to their unique characteristics. Unlike traditional automotive gaskets, these gaskets are designed with the strength and thickness required for aerospace applications. This design ensures longevity and ease of installation, making them well-suited for use in various high-performance systems.


An additional advantage of liquid silicone gaskets is their utility in repairing damaged or cracked components. For instance, if there’s a hole in the insulation around a furnace vent opening, liquid silicone gaskets can be used for seamless repair. These gaskets, thin yet durable, create an imperceptible but robust seal by bonding with fiberglass insulation, preventing further damage from heat exposure.


Choosing liquid silicone gaskets over traditional duct sealants presents a cost-effective alternative with long-lasting benefits. The reduced cost, coupled with the gaskets’ resilience to heat and moisture, makes them ideal for high-performance applications where environmental factors are a significant concern. In essence, liquid silicone gaskets offer a versatile and efficient solution across various industrial and domestic settings.

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