Silicone umbrella valves have been a fixture in various industries since the early 1940s, finding applications in a range of critical functions such as outlet valve systems for cylinder-driven pump valves, vent valves for vehicle fuel tanks, and relief valves for piston and diaphragm pumping. These valves have also been integral components in check valves for disposable breathing masks and numerous other valve control applications within the industrial sector.


In recent times, a notable shift has occurred, with silicone umbrella valves gaining popularity as replacements for traditional metal valve fixtures. These valves are available in two main types: the solid, round-shaped variety and the specialized “flanged” type.


The round-style silicone umbrella valve is widely utilized in industries requiring seamless operation during crucial stages of fluid flow. Its fundamental role is to serve as an exceptionally durable valve, particularly effective in situations demanding maximum safety. Applications include in-line gas pumps, in-line fuel tanks for engines, and inline water pumps, where consistent valve pressure in the open position is essential. These valves are engineered for high performance and low maintenance, ensuring reliability in demanding conditions.


Silicone valves offer a myriad of advantages across various applications. Notably, they excel in providing exceptional safety features, guaranteeing maximum safety when both open and closed. The silicone sealant’s resistance to dirt and oil further contributes to their dependability and performance over an extended lifespan.


Environmentally friendly, silicone umbrella valves do not contain toxic gases or emissions that can harm the environment. Unlike some metals and plastics, the silicone sealant does not produce odors, enabling their use in open-flow applications without concerns about potential environmental impact due to leaks.


Another noteworthy advantage is the flexibility of the valves’ plastic material, allowing installation in areas where traditional valves may not be suitable. With a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles available, these valves can be easily customized to match specific equipment requirements, enhancing their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.


Whether for equipment purchase or retrofitting, selecting the right silicone umbrella valves is crucial for fluid control needs. Their reliability, safety features, and adaptability make them the preferred choice across diverse industries, ensuring efficient and secure fluid management.

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