connecting bracket

Professional Metal Fabrication L Shape Wholesale Iron Brackets for Home Applications with Stamping, Bending, and Connecting

Item Description


These brackets are engineered to enhance structural integrity, facilitate attachment, and enable seamless connection and splicing of panels in diverse home and industrial applications. Specifically designed for applications such as reinforcing tables, desks, broom closet doors, flat surface joints, seams, and cracks, these brackets offer versatile solutions. Ideal for bolstering bedframes, boxes, chests, and various furniture constructions or repairs, they provide reliable support. Furthermore, their ease of use makes them a convenient choice for swift reinforcement and repair of common wooden household items, contributing to overall durability and stability.

Key Features:

Material Cold-rolled steels,hot-rolled steels,galvanized sheets,copper,stainless steel,SPCC
Prototype & Mould In-house tooling design and manufacturing.
Specification As your drawing or Sample
Tolerance Stamping parts 0.01-0.1mm CNC machine parts:0.1-0.002mm or special requirements
6000W laser cutting Machine Laser cut Material thickness 30mm.
Drawing Format Auto CAD,PDF,Pictures,etc.
Service Type ODM/OEM
Certificate ISO9001:2015
Application Automobile spare,agricultural machinery,construction,electric appliance,furniture,hardware,home appliances,Industrial machines,medical Device,machinery parts,small engine and so on.
Sample Can be provided

The process of production:

  • Raw Material Preparation:Start by selecting high-quality stainless steel materials, usually in the form of stainless steel sheets, ensuring they meet manufacturing standards and specifications.
  • Cutting:Utilize cutting tools to trim the stainless steel sheets into the required dimensions and shapes, forming the preliminary structure of the bracket.
  • Stamping:Employ a punching machine or press to stamp holes, bends, and other features onto the cut stainless steel sheets according to design specifications.
  • Bending and Shaping:Use bending machinery to shape the stamped stainless steel sheets into the desired bracket form, ensuring accuracy in angles and dimensions.
  • Polishing:Conduct surface treatment, such as polishing, to make the stainless steel surface smooth, achieving the desired level of gloss and removing any sharp edges.
  • Painting or Coating Treatment:If a black surface is required, apply spray painting or other coating treatments to ensure uniform color distribution, strong adhesion, and enhanced corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
  • Quality Inspection:Conduct rigorous quality checks on the finished stainless steel black bracket corners to ensure they meet design standards and customer requirements.
  • Packaging and Shipping:Package the quality-inspected stainless steel black bracket corners and prepare for shipment, ensuring products are securely packed to prevent damage during transportation.