Connector Terminal

Customized Durable Metal Stamping Factory Price Wire Connector Terminal With High Quality

Item Description


Precisely engineered for superior performance, our Custom Crimp Terminals are tailored to meet the stringent requirements of various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Crafted with precision, these terminals ensure optimal reliability and durability in diverse applications. Whether used in wiring harnesses for automotive systems, avionics in aerospace technology, or electronic components in general manufacturing, our Custom Crimp Terminals guarantee unmatched quality and performance across a spectrum of industrial applications.

Basic Information:

Certification ISO9001 2015; RoHS;Reach
Raw Material Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Al, Copper, etc.
Surface Treatment Gold Plated/Silver Plated/Chrome Plated/Nickel
Delivery Method by Sea, by Air or by Express Service
Transport Package According to The Client′s Request
Origin of Place Xiamen,China
Production Capacity 100000 Piece/Per Day
Sample Can be Provided


Surface Treatment:


This process involves applying a thin layer of metal onto the terminal through electrolysis, providing enhanced corrosion resistance and a polished appearance.

Tin Plating:

Tin plating is utilized for its anti-corrosive properties, ensuring protection against oxidation and improving solderability.

Nickel Plating:

Nickel-plated terminals offer improved resistance to corrosion and wear, enhancing the overall durability of the connector.

Gold Plating:

Gold-plated surfaces provide excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, and an appealing aesthetic, making them suitable for high-performance applications.


Passivation involves treating the surface to enhance its corrosion resistance by forming a protective oxide layer, commonly applied to stainless steel terminals.


Typically used for aluminum terminals, anodization creates a protective oxide layer on the surface, improving corrosion resistance and adding decorative options.




Automotive Industry:

Used in vehicle wiring systems and electronic components, ensuring secure and efficient electrical connections in automotive applications.


Employed in avionics and electrical systems, providing dependable connections in the challenging and demanding environments of aerospace technology.

Electronics Manufacturing:

Integrated into various electronic devices and appliances, contributing to stable electrical connections and efficient signal transmission.


Utilized in the assembly of communication equipment and infrastructure, ensuring reliable connections for data transmission.

Industrial Machinery:

Incorporated into the wiring and control systems of industrial machines, contributing to seamless electrical connectivity and operational efficiency.

Consumer Electronics:

Found in a wide range of consumer devices such as computers, smartphones, and home appliances, facilitating electrical connections in electronic components.