Personalized Kids Silicone Cup With Lid

Item Description

Personalized Kids Silicone Cup With Lid


The Kids Silicone Cup is crafted using advanced silicone molding techniques, ensuring a safe and durable product for children. Its notable advantages include flexibility, preventing breakage, and resistance to harmful substances. The cup’s soft and smooth texture enhances safety, making it ideal for young users. Additionally, the silicone material is free from BPA, providing a toxin-free option. The Kids Silicone Cup promotes ease of use for children, making it a versatile and beneficial choice for parents seeking a reliable and child-friendly drinking solution.

Key Features:

Advantage Food Grade, BPA Free, Dishwasher Microwave Safe
Transport Package Polybag, Color Box, Customized Is Acceptable
Specification Custom
Origin Xiamen,China
Production Capacity 1000PCS/Day
Logo Embossed,Debossed ,Printing
Mold tooling cost Based on the final design Sample
Sample Available

The Advantages Of Silicone Cup:

Our Kids Silicone Cup offers several advantages:


  1. Safety:Crafted from food-grade silicone, the cup is free from harmful substances, ensuring the safety of children during use.


  1. Durability:The silicone material provides flexibility and resistance to breakage, making the cup durable for daily use, even in the hands of active children.


  1. Comfortable Design:Designed with features such as easy-grip handles and ergonomic shapes, ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly experience for kids.


  1. Color Variety:Available in a range of vibrant colors, adding a fun and appealing touch that caters to children’s preferences.


  1. Easy Maintenance:Dishwasher-friendly design facilitates convenient cleaning, saving time for busy parents and caregivers.


  1. Versatility:Suitable for various beverages, the Kids Silicone Cup is a versatile choice for different occasions and drink preferences.


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