High-Performance Industry Silicone Rubber Keypad with Precision Features

High-Performance Industry Silicone Rubber Keypad with Precision Features

Item Description

High-Performance Industry Silicone Rubber Keypad with Precision Features

High-Quality Industry Rubber Keypad offers a versatile solution for various applications. The Shore A hardness range ensures a perfect balance of tactile feedback and durability. Customize the appearance to match your brand or product specifications with Pantone color options and precise shape and size adaptation from your 3D drawings. The advanced compression molding technology guarantees consistent quality in every unit. For added functionality, the keypad incorporates Carbon Pill technology, providing reliable conductivity for seamless operation. The surface is further enhanced with PU Coating, ensuring resilience against wear, and Matte Smooth Coating for an appealing, fingerprint-resistant finish. Choose from multiple logo options, including the sharpness of silkscreen printing or the sophistication of laser etching.



Material: silicone, rubber

Hardness: shore A 30 to 80

Color: Pantone

Shape & Size: According to your 3D drawings

Molded Way: Compression Molding 

Printing: Silkscreen Printing

Conductive: Carbon Pill

Surface Protective: PU Coating, Matte Smooth Coating, Epoxy Coating

Logo type: Silk Printing, Laser etching

Application: Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Computers, Industrial Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Remote Controls, Gaming Devices

OEM/ODM: Available

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949




  • Medical Devices: Keypads integrated into medical equipment such as diagnostic devices, monitoring systems, and surgical instruments.


  • Computers: Keyboards and keypads for computers, laptops, and other computing devices.


  • Industrial Equipment: Keypads in machinery and industrial control panels for managing and monitoring manufacturing processes.


  • Consumer Electronics: Keypads in various consumer devices, including remote controls, home appliances, and entertainment systems.


  • Automotive: Keypads integrated into car dashboards, steering wheels, and other control panels for vehicle functions.


  • Remote Controls: Keypads in remote controls for TVs, audio systems, and other home entertainment devices.


  • Gaming Devices: Keypads used in gaming consoles, controllers, and other gaming peripherals.