When in the market for keypads, one may come across ultraviolet (UV) keypads. Widely employed in industrial controls, remotes, laboratory equipment, medical devices, laptop keyboards, and various applications, UV keypads serve the purpose of controlling machines or devices through key presses. While sharing the fundamental functionality with other keypads, UV keypads distinguish themselves through a distinct design. The following addresses common inquiries regarding UV keypads.

What Is UV Keypads?

UV keypads feature a distinctive construction involving the utilization of UV resin. Crafted from a specialized material, these keypads undergo a curing process under UV light. The UV resin is applied to the initial surface of the keypad’s foil substrate and undergoes curing upon exposure to UV light. The term “UV resin” is attributed to its property of curing in response to UV light exposure.

The Advantages of UV Keypads?

UV keypads provide a range of advantages, including the option for custom designs with personalized decorations and textures. Their single-sheet construction enhances protection against dust and moisture compared to keypads with multi-sheet construction. Additionally, UV keypads offer the choice of light guide foils to ensure uniform distribution of backlighting across the entire keypad surface.

Backlighting Choices for UV Keypads

Various backlighting solutions are employed for UV keypads, with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and electroluminescent (EL) bulbs being the predominant choices. These illumination methods involve an array of LEDs or EL bulbs strategically positioned to illuminate the keypad buttons from beneath.

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