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Factory Price High Standard Personalized Conductive Carbon Pills

Item Description

Factory Price High Standard Personalized  Conductive Carbon Pills

Conductive Carbon Pills, also known as conductive carbon beads, are tiny particles crafted from conductive carbon material. Commonly found in electronic connectors, they exhibit superior conductivity, ensuring reliable electrical connections.

Widely applied in electronics, communication technology, and medical devices, these carbon pills enhance the stability of device connections. Their efficient conductivity positively influences the performance and reliability of electronic products, impacting various aspects of our daily lives intertwined with technology.

Detail of Carbon Pills 

Dimension and Size Customized
Color Customized
Sample Available
Material Carbon Particles, Carbon Fibers
Lead Time 15-25 Days
Advantage Excellent Conductivity
Delivery Term Sea/Express/Train
Application Electronic Connectors

The Process of Production:

  • Raw Material Preparation: Selecting suitable conductive carbon materials, such as carbon particles, fibers, or black.


  • Mixing and Pulp Formation: Blending conductive carbon materials with an appropriate binder to create a moldable pulp.


  • Molding: Injecting the mixture into molds to achieve the desired shape for the carbon pills.


  • Sintering or Curing: Subjecting the formed pills to controlled temperatures to ensure stability and conductivity.


  • Surface Treatment: Optionally applying surface treatments, like protective coatings or enhancements for specific properties.


  • Quality Inspection: Thoroughly testing the manufactured pills to ensure they meet specifications and performance requirements.


  • Packaging: Packaging the qualified carbon pills for shipment to customers or integration into other products.

Requirement for A Fast Quote:

  1. Quantity
  2. Specifications (size, conductivity, temperature resistance)
  3. Customization requirements
  4. Delivery location
  5. Delivery time constraints
  6. Any additional special requests or considerations.