Customized Round Bathroom Nozzles for Shower Head Water Spray Parts

Item Description

Customized Round Bathroom Nozzles for Shower Head Water Spray Parts


Crafted with precision through advanced manufacturing processes, bathroom nozzles, also known as bidet nozzles or sprayers, are essential components designed to enhance personal hygiene. Typically made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or durable plastics, these nozzles boast easy installation and compatibility with various toilet models. Their key functions include hygienic cleansing, adjustable spray patterns, water conservation features, and overall versatility. Elevating bathroom hygiene,these nozzles provide a refreshing and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional methods.


Certificate RoHS, Reach, ISO9001, IATF16949, FDA
Processing Mold Compression Molding
Payment T/T, Online Transfer, Western Union, L/C
Shapes Customized or Round, Square
Transport Package Polybag and Carton
Specification Custom
Origin Xiamen,China

Requesting a Custom Bathroom Nozzles Quote:

  1. Quantity:Specify the desired quantity of bathroom nozzles for your project.
  2. Material Preferences: Indicate your material preferences, such as stainless steel or specific plastics.
  3. Design Specifications:Share any design preferences or specifications for the nozzle’s appearance and functionality.
  4. Installation Requirements:Provide information on any specific requirements or compatibility considerations for installation.
  5. Additional Features:If there are specific features you desire, such as adjustable spray patterns or water conservation elements, please specify.
  6. Timeline: Communicate your desired timeline for the completion and delivery of the customized bathroom nozzles.