Custom Stamping Motor EI Lamination Rotor Stator Iron Core

Custom Stamping Motor EI Lamination Rotor Stator Iron Core

Item Description

Custom Stamping Motor EI Lamination Rotor Stator Iron Core

Comprehensive OEM & ODM services for the production of diverse metal parts, spanning precision components to extensive sheet metal stampings. Tailoring our approach based on customer order quantities, we provide a cost-effective solution for your project, leveraging techniques such as laser cutting and automated production through single-shot or continuous progressive die methods.

Main Application        

Suitable for different kinds of household and commercial used appliances.      

• Fan heater                                          • Table fan

• Wall fan                                              • Pedestal fan

• Rotary fan                                           • Floor fan

• Standing fan                                       • Oscillating fan

• Blender machine                                 • Juice extractor

• Refrigerator                                        • Microwave oven

• Automatic dryer                                 • Mosquito killer

• Air conditioning pump                       • Water pump

• Humidifier                                          • Electric foot tub

• All kinds of small ventilation

• Household and commercial small appliances

• Other related Industries


  • Rich selection of connector, more than 20 experienced mold processing equipment
  • Get the certificationS such as SGS, ISO9001,ROHS
  • Short delivery time
  • Competitive price
  • Equipped with automated powder coating line
  • Custom-made orders welcome here 


Our Service

1. Provide free samples after tooling finished

2. Accept ODM/OEM with strong R&D team

3. Fast response to your inquiry and feedback

4. Good quality with strict quality control

5. Professional after-sale team