Advanced Circular Hole IC Socket Connectors

Advanced Circular Hole IC Socket Connectors

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Advanced Circular Hole IC Socket Connectors


Simplifying board design, our IC sockets allow effortless reprogramming, seamless expansion, and easy repair or replacement. Unlike traditional soldering methods, our innovative design provides a cost-effective solution, reducing risks associated with soldering techniques. Embrace the convenience of our IC sockets, offering dependable connections and straightforward integration for your electronic applications.



Material: brass, phosphor copper, beryllium copper, stainless steel SUS304/301, etc.

Color: gold, silver, black or as per customers’ requirement

Surface treatment: tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, etc.

Tolerance: 0.02mm-0.1mm

Production Equipment: independent research and development design and mold making; high-speed precision continuous punching machine and high-speed electric injection molding machine

Oxidation test: salt spray test

Advanced Circular Hole IC Socket Connectors

Certificate: ISO9001

Free samples: available

Sample Time: 7-12 Days

Lead Time: 15-25 Days

Payment Term: T/T, L/C 30% deposits, before the ship to pay the balance end. Freight are quote under your request

Packages Term: plastic bag , carton and pallet

Delivery Term: by sea/express




  • Laptop and Desktop Computers: Our robust LGA sockets, reinforced with sturdy plates, establish reliable connections with microprocessor packages. By preventing PCB bending during compression, they ensure stability in both laptops and desktop computers, guaranteeing seamless performance for various computing tasks.


  • Server Systems: In server environments, our mPGA and PGA sockets play a pivotal role. Customizable in over 1,000 positions, mPGA sockets offer a zero-input force interface to microprocessor PGA packages. Meanwhile, PGA sockets, available in standard arrays, ensure a secure connection to the PCB using surface mount technology (SMT) solder. These sockets enhance efficiency and reliability in server systems, addressing the high computational demands of modern server applications.


  • Specialized CPU IC Sockets: Our intricately designed IC sockets cater to high-performance CPU processors. These sockets ensure reliable compression interconnects, optimizing functionality in CPU-intensive tasks such as data processing, simulations, and complex calculations. With consistent and stable performance, our IC sockets are ideal for cutting-edge computing applications.

Our advanced IC sockets are crafted for reliable connections between component conductors and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Designed with precision, these connectors eliminate worries about PCB bending during compression, ensuring secure and hassle-free connections.