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Customized High Quality Muti-color keypad

Item Description

Customized High Quality Muti-color keypad

We specialize in the customization of high-quality, multi-color keypads, also known as Silicone Buttons Pads or Rubber Keypads.

These elastomer switches components are crafted from transparent and translucent silicone materials using precision techniques such as compression molding and L&R injection molding. Silicone buttons, recognized as reliable switches components, serve dual functions in electronic devices.

Keypad Specification

Color Customized
Materials Silicone
Hardness 50 Shore A
Sample Available
OEM/ODM Available
Printing Screen Printing
Coating PU/Epoxy/Matte
Lead Time To be Negotiation
Language English/Other

Advantage Of Our Keypad

  1. Flexibility and Durability:Silicone is a flexible and resilient material, allowing silicone keypads to withstand repeated and prolonged use without losing their elasticity.
  2. Waterproofand Dust Resistance: Silicone keypads are inherently resistant to water and dust, providing a protective barrier for electronic components.
  3. Cost-Effective Production:The manufacturing process for silicone keypads, such as compression molding, is relatively cost-effective, especially for large production runs.
  4. Tactile Feedback:Silicone keypads offer excellent tactile feedback, providing users with a satisfying and responsive feel when pressing the keys.
  5. Chemical Resistance:Silicone keypads are resistant to many chemicals, oils, and solvents.

Why Choose Us

  • Rich Experience and World-Class Machinery Since 1998:Our state-of-the-art machinery is among the best globally, ensuring precision and efficiency in our manufacturing processes.
  • Exceptional Service and Timely Responses:We pride ourselves on providing prompt and responsive communication, addressing your inquiries and concerns with the utmost efficiency.
  • Free Sample Testing for Quality Assurance:We understand the importance of ensuring product quality. Therefore, we offer complimentary sample testing to give you confidence in the excellence of our products.
  • Alignment with Sustainable Development Principles and Standards:We adhere to various standards, reflecting our dedication to environmentally friendly practices and responsible manufacturing.
  • Professional Design Support from Skilled Designers:Our team includes seasoned and skilled designers who can assist you in creating products that meet your exact specifications.
  • Flexible Delivery Schedules and Expedited Logistics: Our production schedules are adaptable to your requirements, and our efficient logistics ensure fast and reliable transportation of your orders.