metal stamping sheet

Tailored Sheet Metal Fabrication, Metal Stamping Sheet, and Laser Cutting Services for Kit Cars and Trailers

Item Description


Metal stamping sheets are indispensable in automotive manufacturing, used for crafting precise components such as body panels, chassis parts, interior elements, and engine components. Their advantages include cost-effectiveness through mass production, versatility in design, and the strength and durability they provide to automotive structures. Metal-stamped components contribute to safer and aesthetically innovative vehicles, while also fostering job creation and making a significant economic impact. In modern society, metal stamping sheets play a crucial role in shaping the automotive industry, influencing design, safety, and economic contributions.

Basic Information:

Material Steel
Part Type Auto Part
Process Laser Cutting,Bending,Stamping,Welding
Packing Custom
Place of Origin Xiamen,China
Transport by Sea or Air
OEM Service Available
Specification Custom Made
Production Capacity 50000PCS/Month

Surface Treatments for Metal Stamping Sheets:


  1. Electroplating: Adds a thin metal layer for enhanced corrosion resistance and a decorative finish.


  1. Powder Coating:Applies a durable and protective powder layer, available in various colors and finishes.


  1. Anodizing:Forms a protective oxide layer on aluminum sheets, improving corrosion resistance and providing color options.


  1. Passivation:Treats metal surfaces with chemicals to remove impurities, enhancing corrosion resistance (common for stainless steel).


  1. Painting:Coats metal sheets with paint for protective and decorative purposes.


  1. Embossing/Deburring:Adds texture or patterns (embossing) or removes sharp edges (deburring) for improved aesthetics and safety.


  1. Lubrication:Reduces friction during forming processes to prevent galling and extend the metal sheet’s life.