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Tailored Dustproof Home Appliance Silicone Keypad Cap With Different Size

Item Description


Crafted from elastomeric, translucent silicone rubber materials through precision compression molding, our silicone rubber keypads and keyboards serve as integral and dependable switch components across diverse electronic applications. From remote control units, medical devices, and wireless communication equipment to telephones, safes, and electronic calculators, our products ensure unwavering reliability and stability in the performance of crucial electronic systems.


Key Features:

Material Silicone, Rubber
Size Standard size or customized
Color Black,white,red,green,transparent or other color
Operating Temperature -30°C/font>C ~ 150°C/font>C
Storage Temperature -42°C/font>C ~ 175°C/font>C
Hardness 40-50 Shore A
Advantages Waterproof,UV/chemical resistance
Logo Debossed/embossed/printing is welcome
Application Medical equipment industry, electronic field, industrial machine & equipment, house-hold appliance, tele-communication, automobile
Sample Available



  1. Remote Control Units: Silicone keypad caps enhance the tactile feel and usability of remote control devices, providing a comfortable and responsive button interface.


  1. Medical Devices:In medical equipment, silicone keypad caps contribute to the user interface, allowing for precise control and input in critical healthcare applications.


  1. Consumer Electronics: Various home appliances, such as electronic calculators and electronic gadgets, benefit from silicone keypad caps, offering a durable and user-friendly button solution.


  1. Automotive Interfaces: Silicone keypad caps find applications in automobile controls, contributing to the reliability and longevity of switch components within the vehicle.


  1. Industrial Machinery:For industrial equipment and machinery, silicone keypad caps play a vital role in providing a tactile and efficient interface for controlling various functions.


These are just a few examples, as silicone keypad caps are versatile and can be customized to fit the requirements of diverse applications.