Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder

Item Description

Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder

Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder finds extensive applications in the electric vehicle industry, including but not limited to:

  • Battery component assembly
  • Battery thermal management
  • Heat dissipation shell support
  • Battery safety
  • Battery lifespan extension

Our Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder not only delivers outstanding quality and performance but also offers highly customized options to meet the needs of different electric vehicle manufacturers. We are dedicated to providing reliable solutions to the electric vehicle industry, ensuring the highest levels of battery component performance and reliability.

Plastic component used in the Electric Vehicle (EV) pack assembly. It serves as a spacer or holder for various elements within the EV pack, including the radiating shell. The plastic holder ensures proper positioning and thermal management of components, contributing to the efficient operation of the EV pack.


  1. Precision Manufacturing: Our Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder boasts precise dimensions and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit with battery components, providing excellent support and positioning.
  2. Superior Thermal Management: The support frame’s design is geared towards optimizing thermal management, effectively maintaining the temperature of battery components, enhancing heat dissipation performance, and prolonging battery lifespan.
  3. Material Durability: Crafted from high-quality plastic materials, the support frame offers exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the daily usage and stress of battery components.
  4. Customization Options: We offer customized design to meet the specific requirements of different battery components and electric vehicle models, ensuring the best fit.
  5. Reliability and Quality Control: Spacer Radiating Shell EV Pack Plastic Holder undergoes stringent quality control and testing to ensure reliability and stability in various environmental conditions.
  6. Enhanced Battery Performance: Through supporting secure installation and thermal management of battery components, it contributes to improved battery performance, including energy storage and output.
  7. Sustainable Production: Our manufacturing process emphasizes sustainability to reduce environmental impact while providing sustainable solutions.