OEM/ODM Colorful Silicone Sleeves for Kitchen Mason Jars

Item Description

OEM/ODM Colorful Silicone Sleeves for Kitchen Mason Jars


Key Features Details
Product Dimensions 3.5″L x 3.5″W x 5″H
Recommended Uses Dry foods, soup, nuts, sauces, dessert, bread, sandwiches, salad, cake, noodles, coffee, juice, oats, spaghetti, cereal, milk, meals, fries, burger, pet food, take-out, deli, pickles, pastry, butter
Special Feature Dishwasher, durable, microwave safe
Is Dishwasher Safe? Yes
Item Package Quantity 1
Item Weight 0.38 kilograms (13.4 ounces)
Product Care Instructions Dishwasher safe
Item Volume 900 milliliters
Unit Count 4.0 count
Is Microwaveable? Yes
Item Form Cylindrical
Color Custom
Style Jar, microwave
Number Of Pieces 4
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Number of Sets 4

Advantages of Our Silicone Mason Jar Sleeves:

– Custom Fit: Tailored to snugly encase 1 quart mason jars, our sleeves offer precise protection. (Please note: jars and lids sold separately.)

– Safety Assurance: Fashioned from FDA-approved silicone, our sleeves are entirely BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free, ensuring optimal health and environmental safety.

– Versatility: Designed to withstand dishwashers, microwaves, and freezers, our sleeves deliver practicality while upholding eco-conscious principles.

– Robust Construction: Engineered from resilient silicone rubber, our sleeves provide lasting durability and secure handling, guaranteeing portability and protection for your mason jars.

– Personalized Options: With a range of colors available, our sleeves offer endless mix-and-match possibilities, allowing for customizable jar combinations tailored to your preferences.

Effortless Protection for Your Jars:

Perfect Fit:

Simply slide the sleeve onto your 32oz (1 quart) mason jar for a snug, worry-free fit, safeguarding against breakage and ensuring enjoyable sips every time.

Safe & Sustainable:

Crafted from FDA-grade silicone, our sleeve is environmentally friendly and free from toxins, plastics, and harmful chemicals. Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, it offers a convenient and safe solution for everyday use.

Enhanced Grip:

Experience a secure hold with our textured silicone sleeve, preventing your drink from slipping and maintaining comfortable temperatures for your hands.

Portable Convenience:

Our lightweight, flexible, and shock-absorbent sleeve ensures your glass remains as portable and convenient as plastic, providing reliable protection wherever you go.