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Indulge in Luxury Style Custom-Made, Vibrant, and Stylish Round Silicone Shower Nozzles

Item Description


The silicone shower head is a shower accessory available in various shapes such as round and square, featuring single shower nozzles. Also known as silicone replacement spray nozzles, rainfall shower heads, bathroom faucet gaskets, and rain shower head replacement rubber nozzles, these soft silicone shower nozzles are resistant to clogging, requiring minimal maintenance aside from routine cleaning to remove limescale deposits. Crafted from food-grade silicone, the shower ensures reliable performance within a temperature range of 0-90 degrees, maintaining shape integrity and compatibility with water quality ranging from pH5 to pH9.

Key Features:

Color Custom
Materials Silicone Eco-Friendly
Shape Custom
Hardness 40-70
Size Custom
Features Good Sealing, Easy Cleaning
Origin Xiamen,China
Production Capacity 2000PCS/Day
MOQ More than  500/pcs each part(depends on specific part)
Technology Hot pressing molding or injection Molding
Drawings 2D OR 3D acceptable


  1. Bathroom Elegance:

– Elevate your shower experience with silicone shower nozzles, bringing a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor.


  1. Spa-like Comfort:

– Experience a spa-like retreat at home as the silicone shower nozzles provide a soothing and rejuvenating water flow.


  1. Eco-friendly Performance:

– Contributing to environmental sustainability, these nozzles are crafted from eco-friendly silicone materials with ROHS, SGS, ISO FDA, LFGB certification.


  1. Maintenance Made Easy:

– The clog-resistant design ensures minimal maintenance, allowing for hassle-free and efficient use over time.


  1. Temperature Resilience:

– Designed to withstand temperatures from 0-90 degrees Celsius, these silicone shower nozzles offer consistent performance in various climates.


Our Advantages:

  1. Competitive Pricing from Original Manufacturers.


  1. Comprising Five Seasoned R&D Engineers, Skilled Workers, and QC Personnel Ensuring Superior Product Quality.


  1. Efficient Molding Plants: Rapid Tooling Turnaround for Timely Sample and Product Delivery.


  1. State-of-the-Art Dust-Free Silicone Rubber Facility.


  1. Environmentally Conscious Materials: ROHS,SGS, ISO FDA, LFGB Certified.