High Standard Silicon Keypad With Epoxy Surface

Item Description

High Standard Silicon Keypad With Epoxy Surface

The epoxy resin keypad is achieved by applying a mixture of epoxy resin and curing agent to the keyboard surface. Through a crystallization process over time, the resin solidifies to create a glossy and transparent finish, enhancing the appearance of the plastic keyboard. Widely favored for its cost-effectiveness, the epoxy keyboard boasts durability and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Epoxy coating technology offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for various applications in industries such as automotive, electronics, and infrastructure, providing a protective and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Epoxy resin keyboards exhibit superior durability, wear resistance, and a glossy finish compared to conventional keypads, making them an ideal choice for applications requiring enhanced performance and aesthetics.


materials Silicon,Rubber
Coating Option Epoxy Resin,Rubber Coating,Polyurethane Coating
Size and Weight Customized
Logo Customized
Hardness 10 Shore A~70 Shore A
Color Black/Customized
Printing Way Laser etching/Silk printing
OME/ODM Available
Packaging Customized

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