High Standard PET Safety Dust and sand protection Face Shield

Item Description


Introducing our PET Safety Dust and Sand Protection Face Shield, crafted with precision to ensure optimal safety and comfort. Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, this face shield is meticulously constructed from PET material, providing reliable protection against dust and sand particles. Its key advantages include double-sided anti-fogging technology, which ensures clear visibility even in challenging environments. Additionally, it offers anti-dizziness properties and is designed to be safe, lightweight, and easy to carry. With high temperature resistance and impact resistance, it guarantees lasting durability and protection. Safeguard yourself with confidence using our PET Safety Dust and Sand Protection Face Shield.


Product: Face Shield

Material: PET

Dimensions: 33*22cm

Intended Use: Suitable for laboratories, chemical plants, domestic and public settings

Purpose: Protects against aerosols and liquids

Notable Features:

  1. Dual-sided anti-fog coating
  2. Prevents dizziness during wear
  3. Lightweight and portable for convenience
  4. Resistant to high temperatures and impacts

Note: Prior to use, remove the protective film from both sides of the lens. Avoid direct wiping.


  1. Laboratory Use:Ideal for protecting laboratory personnel from dust and sand particles during experiments and research.
  2. Chemical Plants:Provides essential safety for workers in chemical plants, shielding them from hazardous materials and airborne debris.
  3. Domestic Use:Ensures safety and peace of mind for household chores and DIY projects involving dust and sand.
  4. Public Places:Offers protection for individuals in public settings such as construction sites, parks, and outdoor events where dust and sand may be present.