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Durable Medical PC Materials Connector Used For Silicone Mask

Item Description

Durable Medical PC Materials Connector Used For Silicone Mask

Designed for medical applications, the Durable Medical PC Materials Connector used in conjunction with silicone masks exemplifies precision through injection molding. The utilization of high-quality, medical-grade materials ensures the connector meets stringent industry requirements for hygiene, durability, and biocompatibility. This versatile component plays a pivotal role in a range of medical devices, contributing to the reliability and longevity of critical healthcare equipment.

Basic Information:

Transportation Sea,Express,Train,Air
Sample Available
Origin Xiamen,China
OEM/ODM Available

The Advantages of Our Connector:

  1. Superior Durability:

   The connector is constructed from robust medical-grade polycarbonate (PC) materials, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity in medical environments.


  1. Customization Flexibility:

   Offers versatile customization options, allowing for tailored adaptations to accommodate specific mask designs and medical requirements.


  1. Secure and Reliable Connection:

   Engineered to provide a secure and reliable connection, ensuring seamless integration with silicone masks for enhanced patient safety and comfort.


  1. Biocompatible Composition:

   Prioritizes biocompatibility with medical-grade materials, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring the connector’s compatibility with various skin types.


  1. Precision Engineering:

   Manufactured with precision engineering to guarantee accurate dimensions, promoting a snug fit and optimal functionality when used with silicone masks.


The Production Process of Connector:

  1. Material Selection:

   – Start with the meticulous selection of high-quality medical-grade PC (Polycarbonate) materials to ensure biocompatibility and compliance with medical device standards.


  1. Design and Engineering:

   – Employ a team of biomedical engineers to design and engineer the connector, adhering to precise specifications and ergonomic considerations for seamless integration with silicone masks.


  1. Tooling and Molding:

   – Develop specialized molds and tooling for the injection molding process, enabling the production of connectors with intricate geometries and dimensional accuracy.


  1. Injection Molding of PC Materials:

   – Utilize advanced injection molding techniques to introduce medical-grade PC materials into the molds under controlled temperature and pressure conditions, ensuring the formation of durable and defect-free connectors.


  1. Quality Control and Testing:

   – Implement rigorous quality control measures, including visual inspection and dimensional checks, to verify the integrity of each connector. Conduct material testing to confirm compliance with medical standards.


  1. Surface Treatment:

   – Apply medical-grade surface treatments, such as antimicrobial coatings or biocompatible finishes, to enhance the durability and safety of the connector for medical applications.


  1. Assembly of Silicone Mask Interface:

   – Integrate the connector seamlessly with the silicone mask interface, employing precision assembly techniques to guarantee a secure and airtight connection.


  1. Sterilization:

   – Subject the assembled connectors to validated sterilization processes, such as gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide sterilization, to ensure the elimination of microbial contaminants and maintain product sterility.


  1. Packaging:

   – Employ cleanroom facilities for the packaging process, utilizing sterile packaging materials and procedures to safeguard the connectors from contamination during storage and transportation.


  1. Documentation and Regulatory Compliance:

    – Compile comprehensive documentation, including manufacturing records, quality control reports, and compliance certificates, to meet regulatory requirements and facilitate traceability throughout the product life cycle.