Hey, dear customers!  On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Desheng Industrial wishes everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival and all the best.  This vibrant festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a long-standing tradition in Chinese culture, filled with rich history, exciting customs, and of course, delicious rice dumplings.  So, let’s delve into the origins of this lively festival and discover the fascinating customs that make it so unique.

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar and has a history of more than 2,000 years.  According to legend, this festival commemorates Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet and minister during the Warring States Period.  Qu Yuan was a loyal minister of Chu State. When Chu State fell into the hands of Qin State, he fell into disaster.  In despair, he threw himself into the Miluo River.  The locals admired him very much and hurriedly rowed boats to save him, but it was too late.  In order to prevent fish and evil spirits from devouring his body, they beat gongs and drums and threw rice dumplings into the river.  This commemoration and reverence of Qu Yuan evolved into what we know today as the Dragon Boat Festival.

One of the most lively customs of the Dragon Boat Festival is of course dragon boat racing.  These races are a thrilling event, with rowing teams racing through the water in colorful long boats.  The rhythmic drumming and cheers from the audience create an exciting atmosphere, making it a must-see event during the festival.  It’s a true test of teamwork, strength and endurance, with the winning team believed to bring good luck and prosperity to their community.

Another component of the festival is eating zongzi, a traditional delicacy, has become an integral aspect of Dragon Boat Festival celebrations. Across China, households mark the festival by indulging in this rice dumpling wrapped in reed leaves, each filled with a variety of ingredients. Regional preferences vary, with southerners favoring savory versions and northerners leaning towards sweetness.

Legend has it that the tradition of eating zongzi originated from efforts to prevent fish from consuming the body of Qu Yuan after he drowned in a river. Locals tossed rice rolls, eggs, and meat into the water, giving rise to the enduring association between zongzi and the festival.

Today, zongzi remains not only a symbol of the festival but also a beloved local snack enjoyed throughout China.

In addition to dragon boat races and rice dumplings, the Dragon Boat Festival also has various customs to ward off evil spirits and strengthen the body.  One custom is to hang aromatic herbs such as mugwort and calamus at the door to repel insects and purify the air.  Additionally, wearing colorful silk threads and amulets is believed to bring protection and good luck.  These customs add a touch of mystery and charm to the festival, making it a truly mesmerizing experience.

Dragon Boat Festival around the World

The Dragon Boat Festival is not only observed as a public holiday in China but also embraced by communities worldwide, including Singapore, Malaysia, and various diaspora Chinese communities across the globe.


Known as the Tuen Ng Festival, Malaysia’s Chinese community commemorates the festival. The Penang International Dragon Boat Festival is slated for December 2nd and 3rd, 2024, at the Teluk Bahang Dam in Penang.


Singapore hosts vibrant dragon boat races at prominent waterfront venues like the Kallang River and Marina Bay annually. The 2024 race is scheduled for June 24th to 25th at Bedok Reservoir.

Denver, Colorado, USA:

The annual Dragon Boat Festival in Denver stands as the largest in the United States, offering a rich immersion into Asian and Pacific cultures. Held on July 22nd to 23rd, 2024, at Sloan’s Lake Park, it includes not only the thrilling Dragon Boat Race but also diverse cultural experiences fostering community connections.

As we say goodbye to you, we encourage you to embrace the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival.  Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, savor the deliciousness of rice dumplings, and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of this vibrant festival.  From all of us at Thesun Industry, we wish you a happy holiday season filled with joy, laughter and family warmth.  So, enjoy these rice dumplings and may the Dragon Boat Festival blessings bring prosperity and happiness to you and your loved ones.  Wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!