Customized Steel Angle Brackets: Precision Metal Corners for Home Applications

Item Description

Brief Introduction:

Angle brackets and straps are essential components for creating strong, load-bearing connections in timber construction, especially in wood/wood and wood/concrete applications. These versatile elements are universally suitable for standard connections, ensuring stability and durability in various structural scenarios.

Brackets, integral to these connections, enhance load-bearing capacity and structural integrity. Their precise design contributes to secure and lasting connections between different wooden elements or wood and concrete interfaces. The diverse range of bracket types allows for customization, ensuring compatibility with different load conditions and architectural designs.


Place of Origin China
Structure Single-side Bracket
Standard or Nonstandard Standard
Material Steel
Application Wood Construction
Color Custom
Type Metal Steel Bracket
Surface finish Painting\Powder Coat\Galvanized
Size Customized
Work Process Stamping Punching Bending
Tolerance 0.02~0.1mm.
Materials Low, middle,high carbon steel / spring steel / Stainless steel 201, 301, 304, 316 / Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Copper / Titanium / Plastic (PP, Nylon, PVC, APET)  Brass or ABS,POM Ect And Customized raw material.
Surface Finish Heat treatment / Polishing,Electronic Polishing / (Zinc, nickel, chrome, tin, brass, glod, silver, titanium) Plating / Electrophoresis / Black Oxide / Hot-dip galvanizing / Powder Coating / Paint Coating / Blasting / Shot Blasting / Bead Basting / Anodizing / Phosphating / PAD Printing / Laser etching / Dacromet Coating / Enamel.
Payment terms  Trade Assurance  TT,paypal,Western Union,alipay,L/C.




Architectural Structures: Used to connect and support different parts of structures, such as beams, columns, and walls, ensuring stability and safety in the construction field.


Home Decor: Employed in furniture manufacturing and decoration to reinforce and connect various components, providing additional support and stability.


Woodworking Projects: Utilized by woodworking enthusiasts and professionals to create sturdy wooden structures like beams, frames, and other components.


Mechanical Engineering: Applied in the mechanical field to connect and support mechanical parts, ensuring the reliability and stability of equipment.


Automotive Manufacturing: Widely used in the automotive industry for different vehicle components, providing robust connections and support.


Electronic Devices: Used in the electronics industry to support and connect electronic components, ensuring the stability and performance of devices.


Industrial Equipment: Plays a crucial role in various industrial equipment, used to connect and support mechanical parts, ensuring the normal operation of machinery.


Aerospace: Applied in the aerospace field for structural connections in aircraft and spacecraft, offering strong support and connections.


In summary, angle brackets and straps play a crucial role in timber construction, providing reliable solutions for creating robust connections. Brackets contribute to structural stability, enhancing safety and longevity in construction projects.