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Customized Logo White Silicone Membrane Keypad for TV Remote Control – OEM Waterproof Buttons Pad

Item Description


A membrane keypad is a user interface device that utilizes membrane switch technology for input. Typically composed of a thin membrane base, it is overlaid with conductive patterns or switch buttons. These switches are triggered by light touch or pressure, establishing electrical connections to execute corresponding input actions. Membrane keypads find widespread use in electronic devices, instruments, and control systems, providing a flexible, durable, and easily customizable solution for user input. Due to their simple structure, slim and lightweight design, as well as ease of cleaning, membrane keypads are widely adopted in various applications such as remote controls, industrial control panels, and medical devices.

Basic Information:

Place of Origin Fujian,China
Application Home Appliance
Keypad Button Material Rubber
Size Custom
Sample Can Be Provided
MOQ 3000 piece
Service OEM/ODM
Lead Time 15 days
Certification ISO9001/TS16949/QS/ISO14001
Port Xiamen
Logo Custom
Package Can be provided
Feature Waterproof
Process Molding

Surface Treatment:


  • Silk Printing:Using silk screen printing technology to imprint patterns, text, or logos on the keypad surface, providing personalized designs and brand identification.
  • Spray Coating:Applying a special coating to the keypad surface through spraying to offer additional protection, dust resistance, or anti-stain properties.
  • Waterproof Coating:Coating the keypad surface with a waterproof layer to enhance its water resistance, making it more suitable for humid environments or applications requiring waterproof performance.
  • Double Injection Molding:Employing two-stage injection molding to create different colors or textures on the silicone surface, providing greater design flexibility and tactile effects.
  • PU (Polyurethane) Coating:Applying a polyurethane coating to increase the keypad’s abrasion resistance, durability, and provide a more comfortable feel.
  • UV Coating:Covering the keypad with a UV-resistant coating to enhance weather resistance, preventing color fading or surface damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.


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