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Cost-effective Durable Keypad for TV Remote Control

Item Description

Cost-effective Durable Keypad for TV Remote Control

A Remote Control Keypad, also known as a remote keypad, serves as an input interface for remote control devices, allowing users to wirelessly operate electronic devices or systems. It offers convenience, flexibility, and user-friendly features with multiple functions. Widely used in applications like home entertainment and industrial control, it enhances efficiency and contributes to the convenience of daily life and work in today’s society.

The features of Keypad:

Material Rubber/Silicone
Advantage Water and Dust Resistance
Surface Treatment PU/Epoxy
OEM/ODM Available
Package Customized
Shipping Way By Sea/Express
Hardness 80 Shore A

Printing Method:

  • Screen Printing: Using a mesh screen to apply ink or conductive ink onto the keypad surface, suitable for large-area patterns and text.


  • Digital Printing: Employing digital printing technology for intricate patterns and colorful designs, offering high resolution and precision.


  • Inkjet Printing: Using inkjet technology to directly spray ink onto the keypad surface, suitable for small-batch production and high-resolution requirements.


  • Pad Printing: Using a rubber pad to transfer ink onto the keypad surface, suitable for curved or irregular shapes.


  • Heat Transfer Printing: Utilizing heat transfer technology to transfer patterns from a carrier to the keypad surface, suitable for special effects and complex designs.


  • Laser Etching: Using laser technology to directly engrave or remove material from the keypad surface to create patterns or markings

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