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CE LSR Custom Medical Grade Silicone Rubber Mask

Item Description

CE LSR Custom Medical Grade Silicone Rubber Mask


Medical grade LSR silicone rubber masks offer increased durability and sealing performance, making them an ideal alternative to plastic masks. Designed for extended use, they provide a reliable seal and are ideal for pilots, medical research subjects, and patients who require pure oxygen, such as those suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning or decompression sickness. Originally developed by Dr. Arthur H. Bulbulian, these masks feature internal valves that regulate airflow to minimize the risk of rebreathing exhaled gas.


Versatile Colors: Available in a variety of colors to suit individual preferences and medical requirements.

Size Options: Available in multiple sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for diverse facial shapes and sizes.

Sample Availability: Samples are readily available for those interested, allowing for firsthand experience of the mask’s quality and performance.

Secure Shipping: Meticulously packaged and shipped using reliable methods to maintain product integrity during transit.

Origin Assurance: Manufactured in facilities adhering to stringent international standards, ensuring reliability and safety.

Advanced Material: Constructed from medical-grade silicone rubber known for durability, flexibility, and hypoallergenic properties.

Customization: Offers customization options to accommodate specific medical needs or preferences for a personalized fit.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, enhancing practicality and longevity for medical professionals.


Medical Environments:

Essential for healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and labs, providing respiratory protection during procedures and patient care.

Emergency Response:

Vital for emergency responders in hazardous conditions, ensuring reliable respiratory safety during rescue operations.

Industrial Safety:

Critical for workers in industrial settings, guarding against dust, fumes, and other respiratory hazards.

Public Health Initiatives:

Key for public health campaigns, safeguarding healthcare workers and the public during disease control efforts.

Research Facilities:

Crucial for laboratory personnel, offering protection from hazardous materials and infectious agents.

Dental Practices:

Necessary for dental professionals, providing respiratory safety during patient treatments.

Veterinary Care:

Indispensable for veterinarians and staff in animal care facilities, protecting against airborne contaminants.

Personal Use:

Adopted by individuals for everyday protection in crowded or polluted environments.

Application Case:

Applied Case Description
Aviation Passenger Masks and Emergency Oxygen Systems Masks and oxygen systems for passenger use in aircraft emergencies, ensuring safe breathing during depressurization.
Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Portable devices for firefighters and industrial workers, providing respiratory protection in hazardous environments.
Specialized Masks for Astronauts Masks for space missions, maintaining oxygen supply and suitable atmospheric conditions in space suits.
Specialized Masks for Pets Masks for pets during emergencies or medical treatments, ensuring respiratory safety for dogs and cats.
Oxygen Delivery to Divers Equipment for supplying divers with oxygen underwater, ensuring safe breathing during dives.
Anesthesia Oxygen Masks Medical masks for delivering oxygen during anesthesia or respiratory treatments.
Masks for High-altitude Climbers Masks for climbers in high-altitude environments, providing supplemental oxygen and aiding respiration.
Oxygen Helmets Protective headgear with oxygen supply, used in medical emergencies or industrial settings.
Mask Retention Systems Devices to secure masks during use, preventing slippage in medical or industrial applications.