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Advanced Customized Chinese Manufacture Silicon Keypad

Item Description

Advanced Customized Chinese Manufacture Silicon Keypad

Advanced Silicon Keypad is a soft key device made from silicone rubber, commonly used in the control panels of electronic devices.

Materials Silicon
Logo Customized
Sample Provided Freely
Advantage Durability/Water Resistance/Soft Feel
Color Customized
Protective Coating PU/Epoxy Resin
Printing Way Spray Coating/Laser Etching/Transfer Printing
Size Customized
place of origin Xiamen, China

The main components of the Silicone Keypad:

Silicone Rubber Material: The main body of the keypad is usually made from flexible silicone rubber material, known for its elasticity and durability, suitable for frequent key presses.

Conductive Material: For keypads requiring conductivity, conductive materials may be added at specific locations to ensure the conduction of electrical signals.

Electronic Components: The silicone keypad often includes electronic components such as conductive carbon blocks or metal contacts, facilitating connection to the circuit board to identify key presses.

Printing Layer: If the silicone keypad features logos, text, or patterns, a printing layer is often applied to the surface through methods like silk screen printing or laser etching.

Support Structure: To maintain the shape and stability of the silicone keypad, support structures may be added at the bottom or around the keypad.

Casing: In some cases, a casing may be necessary for additional protection and support, especially in industrial or specific environments.

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