Custom Precision Manufacturing of Silicone Sealing O-Ring Gaskets and Custom Rubber Components

Item Description

Custom Precision Manufacturing of Silicone Sealing Ring Gaskets and Custom Rubber Components


Silicone Sealing Ring Gaskets are expertly manufactured components known for their precision and versatility. With applications spanning automotive, electronics, medical, industrial, and construction sectors, these gaskets offer reliable sealing due to their flexibility and resilience. Their resistance to temperature and chemicals contributes to their durability, impacting modern society by enhancing the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of diverse products and systems. Whether preventing leaks in machinery or ensuring airtight seals, these gaskets play a crucial role in advancing technology and promoting resource conservation.

Basic Information:

Material Silicone/ Rubber
Shape Customized shape
Color Customized color(Pantone color)
Hardness Shore 30-90 or as order
Minimum order Small order can be accepted
Lead time 3-6 weeks after getting the mould design confirmation
Surface treatment Matte, Common polishing, Mirror polishing, Texture, Laser Engraving, Power Coating (Painting), Printing, Segmented colors,Mixedcolors, etc.
Application Automotive, Machinery, Bathroom Facilities, Medical,Household Electrical Appliances etc.
Performance High/low temperature-resistant, wearing-resistant, high tensile strength, all available
Mould testing All of the moulds can be well tested before the shipments. Videos for moulds trial running are available.
Inspection 100% inspection by QC, QA before shipping.
After sales service Available by our staff with more than 10 years of working experience in this field
Advantage Eco-Friendly
MOQ Small Orders Can Be Accepted
Production Capacity 100000 Piece/Month

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