Silicone Entrance Guard Remote Control Rubber Keypad Push Button

Silicone Entrance Guard Remote Control Rubber Keypad Push Button

Item Description

Silicone Entrance Guard Remote Control Rubber Keypad Push Button

Silicone Entrance Guard Remote Control Rubber Keypad Push Button is designed to meet the exacting demands of Entrance Guard applications. Crafted from 100% silicone, the keypad boasts a customizable Pantone color palette and tailored dimensions to seamlessly integrate into any setting. Equipped with cutting-edge features, our Silicone Keypad ensures a comfortable user experience. The OEM Membrane Switch, combined with versatile conductive options such as Carbon Pill, Conductive Oil, Metal Dome, and Non-Conductive elements, guarantees reliable performance. Printing options include precise Screen Printing and Epoxy techniques, while the choice of logo types—Mint-Mark, Silk Printing, and Laser Etching—adds a distinctive touch. The keypad’s surface can be enhanced with Matte Oil, PU, Epoxy, or Color Oil coatings, providing both durability and aesthetic appeal. Packed meticulously in PE bag & Carton, our Silicone Keypad hails from Xiamen, China, promising quality that aligns with your project requirements.



Type: Silicone Keypad, Meet Customer’s Demand

Application: Entrance Guard

Material: 100% Silicone

Color: Pantone

Size: Customized Size

Printing: Screen Printing & Epoxy

Product Feature: Used Comfortably

Membrane Switch: OEM Membrane Switch

Conductive: Carbon Pill, Conductive Oil, Metal Dome, Non-Conductive

Logo type: Mint-Mark, Silk Printing, Laser etching

Coating: Matte Oil, PU, Epoxy, Color Oil

Assembly: Plastic cap + Silicon button, 3M adhesion

Packing: PE bag & Carton, Customized Packing

Place Of Origin: Xiamen, China


Advanced Conductive Technologies in Silicone Keypads


  • Carbon Pill:

Carbon Pill conductivity in our Silicone Keypad involves the integration of small carbon-filled protrusions. These pillars facilitate electrical connectivity when pressure is applied, ensuring a responsive and reliable user interface.


  • Conductive Oil:

Employing a conductive oil solution within the Silicone Keypad ensures seamless electrical pathways. The conductive oil bridges gaps, enabling the transmission of signals when pressure is applied to the keypad surface.


  • Metal Dome:

Metal Dome conductivity relies on the integration of small, dome-shaped metal elements beneath the keypad surface. When pressed, these domes collapse, creating a tactile response and completing the electrical circuit.


  • Non-Conductive:

In specific areas of the Silicone Keypad, non-conductive materials are strategically employed to prevent unintended electrical contact. This ensures precise control over the flow of electricity, preventing interference or unintentional input.